It can take Precious time to warm up to new people, but once she does, “she can be as sweet as pie,” one worker said. She loves to make others laugh and enjoys joking around with those she is close with. Precious is also a big Hello Kitty fan and enjoys anything that is Hello Kitty related. “She’s well organized,” says the worker. Precious loves drawing, spending time with friends, playing computer games and going to Michigan Adventures and she loves grapes, “adores grapes,” as one worker puts it. One thing her forever family should know is that Precious “is very enjoyable and very fun to be around,” her worker says.

One of Precious’ strengths is that she has endured a difficult past but has remained resilient and positive about her future. However, due to her past, she is a bit nervous about living with a new family. Precious might initially be resistant in a new home, but once this initial barrier is cleared, she will quickly attach and form a bond. She has some medical needs that will need to be monitored and followed up when necessary. Precious can have some difficulty processing her frustrations and would benefit from patience and understanding in this area.

Precious wants a forever family consisting of a mom and a very young sibling. She would do best with a family who has experience and one who can give her the attention, support and supervision she needs. The family must be patient and should keep in mind that Precious might initially test them until she is able to form a trusting relationship within the home. The family must be strong advocates for Precious in all aspects of her life (at home, in the community and at school). Precious has stated a preference for a family with a pet. Since Precious has a close bond with her siblings, it is important to her that she is able to maintain contact with them.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.


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