“I am smart, pretty, brave, nice and active,” says Keara, who proves it with her thoughts and actions. For instance, she reports that she enjoys learning and school, where she earns good grades, and her favorite subject is science. To keep herself pretty, she says, “I like to be clean,” adding that her favorite thing to do when hanging out with friends is “go to get my nails done.” She’s brave because she wants to go to Florida and bask in the Sunshine State’s heat. She’s nice by helping around the house, and she’s active by skating, which is one of her favorite things to do on the weekends. However, her most cherished activity is basketball. Keara loves basketball. She participates in it in school and dreams of becoming a professional basketball player when she gets older. With her forever family, Keara simply wants to “have fun together and get along.”

Keara can struggle with honestly and accepting the authority of others. Keara is learning how to manage her emotions on a more consistent basis. She benefits from additional assistance in the school environment to help her reach her fullest potential.

Keara has noted that she would prefer a single-female parent, but she would do best with two experienced parents to help manage her behaviors. The family will need to continue and seek out any positive support services that will benefit Keara. It will be important for a family to be patient and understanding with Keara. Keara has close bonds with her other siblings, and an adoptive family must be able to help foster these relationships after she is adopted.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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