Songs with meaning to them appeal to Kaitlynn’s musical tastes. Her favorite singers include Sam Smith and John Legend. For her tastes in food, Kaitlynn prefers pizza and spaghetti. In her free time, she enjoys reading memoirs, going roller skating, watching funny TV shows, and, of course, listening to music. Kaitlynn hopes to attend Michigan State University when she graduates from high school. She also would like to visit Paris. Finally, adoptive families should know that Kaitlynn is self-reliant and very helpful.

Kaitlynn receives services to help her cope with her emotions. In school, she has struggled in the past but is making progress academically and behaviorally. Although Kaitlynn is struggling in school, she has done well in the past. Kaitlynn is developing more independence in school and gaining a better attitude towards class assignments.

Kaitlynn is struggling with the idea of becoming a part of another family. She will need adoptive family who is understanding and patient with her transition. Kaitlyn does not have a preference whether she has a single or two parent family or if there are pets in the home. She does wish to stay in contact with her sister who is in Southeast Michigan.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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GMH child info

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