When Janelle goes back to the drawing board, it’s because she’s done something really right. After all, she is known for her drawing skills. “Janelle is a wonderful artist,” says her adoption worker. In fact, Janelle has won awards for her drawing, which she is rightly quite proud of, along with her singing skills. However, those talents aren’t what Janelle plans to draw on for a career. Instead, she wants to become a chef and baker when she gets older. Janelle also would like to visit Hawaii one day to see the big blue ocean and enjoy the exotic locale. Back home, Janelle enjoys playing video games after school and sleeping in and watching TV on the weekends. When she’s with her friends, she likes going to the movies, something she’d like to enjoy with her forever family, along with going on vacations. What she wants people to know most about her is that she’s “easy to get along with. As long as I get respect, I give respect,” she says. Above all, Janelle just wants a family who will be nice to her.

Janelle is described as funny, talkative and headstrong. She has trouble steering clear of conflict and sometimes gets distracted by what her peers are doing, which can lead to trouble. However, she is working on developing skills to overcome behavior that leads to trouble. Janelle also needs guidance in learning to express her frustrations appropriately and continuing to respect personal boundaries. She does best with routine and adjusts to change best when she is given a heads up and has time to prepare.

Janelle would do best with a single-female parent or two parents who can provide constant supervision and a calm, structured and consistent home environment. Janelle should be the oldest or only child in the home. A family for Janelle should be strong advocates for her and see that she receives the educational, emotional and medical services she needs. Her family also should be willing to let Janelle have contact with her relatives.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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