Go ahead, make Emma’s day. Challenge her in her favorite card game. “Emma is an awesome ‘Uno’ player!” says her worker. And if you get lucky and happen to beat her, don’t worry. “Emma has a huge heart!” her worker adds. Not only that, but she’s great at interacting with others. “Emma is very funny and loves making others laugh,” her worker says. This funny and creative girl loves to color, paint and draw. Emma is an animal lover who enjoys snuggling with teddy bears. When she’s asked to describe herself, Emma says she’s funny, loving, creative, kind, cautious, big-hearted and witty. She adds that she loves food. Emma also enjoys singing along to the radio, which she’ll gladly do during Christmastime.

According to her worker, “Emma does best when she has a calm environment and access to sensory items. Taking sensory breaks helps Emma a lot.” Her worker adds that Emma is a visual learner, and she could benefit from assistance and guidance in school.

Emma would do best with two patient, supportive and experienced parents who are knowledgeable of the impact of trauma on a child. Her new parents must advocate for the services that will help Emma thrive. Because she loves animals, Emma prefers a family who has pets and especially wants one who has a dog.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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