Nisha, as Cornisha prefers, wants to become a plastic surgeon when she gets older. “I like to help people,” she says. Nisha also enjoys shopping, especially at Bath & Body Works, where she says she likes to get “bags and bags full of perfume, lotion and lip gloss.” And she doesn’t stop primping there. “I love getting my nails done,” she says. If she’s not shopping then you’ll likely find Nisha with her nose in a book, particularly romantic and scary tales, or writing in her journal. This creative girl not only likes reading and writing but also singing. Nisha enjoys helping other kids, too, and looking out for them. Qualities she wants in a future forever family include being funny, smart and helpful. “They could be creative like me,” she adds.

Nisha can be very quiet when she first meets new people but will open up quickly and can be very funny. She benefits from a consistent schedule as she can be easily over stimulated, causing her difficulty focusing on tasks. For example, if she is faced with too many choices, she can be overwhelmed and struggle to make a decision for fear that she is making the wrong choice. She is able to follow directions, and she responds well to redirection, when needed. Nisha enjoys school and benefits from some extra help to reach her fullest potential.

Nisha needs a loving and patient family who will help her achieve her goals. She would benefit from a strong single-female or two-parent family with older children. The adoptive family must be willing to advocate for her needs and make sure she receives all of the necessary support services she requires now and in the future. It is important to Nisha that she maintains contact with her siblings as she has a very close bond with them.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.


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