Ja’vone, Ja’quone & Caprice’Ana



Caprice’Ana, 14, is a friendly and out-going girl who knows her own mind. She loves to sing and dance. She likes school and her favorite subject is math. She describes herself as sweet and kind. She would one day like to travel around the world. Caprice’Ana would like to have a family that is kind and goes to church together. She loves her brothers, but would really like to have a sister too.

Ja’vone, 15, considers himself a nice and caring person. He enjoys playing video games, but also likes to stay active playing sports. He especially likes basketball. He loves dogs because they love you back and protect you. Ja’vone would like a caring and supportive family willing to adopt him and his twin brother, Ja’qone, and his sister, Caprice’ana.

Ja’quone, 15, says his best trait is that he gets along well with others and has good friends. He enjoys playing basketball and staying active. He would like to travel one day, and maybe even be a truck driver so he can see a lot of the country.

Ja’vone, Ja’quone and Caprice’Ana are siblings in foster care in the state of Mississippi who hope for adoption together. If they are not adopted together, future parents would need to be open to the children maintaining their relationship. If you are interested in meeting them, please contact the Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services at (601) 359-4368.


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