Staggering Statistics


Grant Me Hope exists because former foster youth are much more likely than the general population to fall into adverse circumstances after aging out of the foster care system:

  • 25 percent will experience homelessness while still a young adult
  • 48 percent will experience unemployment as a young adult
  • They are 5 times more likely to experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Their rate of drug dependency is 7 times higher than their peers in the general public
  • Their rate of alcohol dependency is 2 times higher than their peers in the general public
  • Former female foster youth are 10 times more likely than other women of the same age to commit a crime and experience incarceration — male former foster youth are 4 times more likely
  • 14 percent of female former foster youth will become mothers at age 19, the number rises substantially to 71 percent at the age of 21
  • 75 percent of female former foster children need to receive government services to meet basic needs — compared to 33 percent of male former foster youth
  • Roughly 2 percent further their education beyond high school

Adoption could change these statistics, yet every year, roughly 23,000 children age out of the foster care system alone.

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