CeCe, aka Cecilia, plans to travel the four corners of the world … and a few curves and straight-aways along the way. “If I could visit one place on Earth, it would be all over the world,” explains CeCe, “because I want to learn about all the cultures and food.” Her long journey might include a pit stop at Bath & Body Works because CeCe loves the store chain’s makeup. After getting gussied up, then comes getting filled up at an Olive Garden, which is CeCe’s favorite food destination. After returning home, CeCe will fill her days with dancing, shopping and going to the movies. She loves reading the Hunger Games book series, and she enjoys playing card games such as Apples to Apples and Uno. After playing games, CeCe will help tidy things up. “I like to clean everything,” says CeCe. “I am a neat, organized and clean person.” She also takes pride in her smile, her intelligence and her empathy for others. “I care a lot about people,” says CeCe, who plans to put her caring nature to work as a pediatrician or nurse when she gets older. She’s likely to be successful in whatever career she chooses since she likes all subjects and does well in school. “I am a straight A student,” says CeCe says, who’d make a forever family mighty proud. CeCe says she hopes her new family enjoys shopping, traveling and listening to music together.

“I value family, and I’m honest,” says CeCe, who enjoys interacting with others. According to her one of her close adults, CeCe takes a philosophical view of life. “CeCe looks for the positive in situations dealing with her past,” says a close adult.

Her new parent or parents should be experienced and trauma trained. In addition, CeCe would do best as the only child in her new forever family. If she isn’t the only child, she should be the youngest.

For more information about or to meet Cecilia (C09848), please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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