Carlos and Cris

Carlos and Cris

Carlos, as Juan Carlos prefers, has fun by having a ball. “He really likes being active and playing sports, and he has a competitive spirit,” says one of his close adults. “He loves to play basketball and any other competitive sport and has fun in those types of activities.” If Carlos had a genie in a bottle, he’d wish “to be good at basketball and to be tall.” Carlos also loves to do hands-on projects and finds pride in the completion of those types of projects and activities. Other activities Carlos enjoys include skating, going to the mall, going to the library and going to the movies. You can bet Carlos dresses well for those latter two activities because he likes looking his best. Shopping for clothes is one of his favorite activities, and if he could travel anywhere, Carlos would visit Las Vegas and New York because he likes big cities and shopping. Carlos’ other favorite things include science for subject in school, spaghetti for food, white tiger for animal, purple and pink for colors and gaming system for toy.

Despite the fun he has, there’s something missing in Carlos’ life. “Carlos wants nothing more than to have a family and feel like he belongs and is loved,” one of his close adults explains. “Carlos hopes that his adoptive family would like a lot of sports, and that they enjoy playing and attending sporting events. He also hopes the family would enjoy board games. Carlos wants to be able to be involved in sports as well.”

“Carlos is a positive and optimistic kid who will do well in a positive, healthy and structured environment,” says a close adult. “Carlos is a very kind and caring young man, and he has worked hard and continues to work hard on bettering himself to create and obtain the future that he desires. He is very driven and motivated. He communicates and advocates for himself well.”

When the sun sets on the summer season, Cris, as Cristopher prefers, isn’t necessarily saddened. Sure, he’ll miss the nice days when he can go swimming in a pond, pool or lake, go bike riding in his neighborhood and kick the soccer ball around on his favorite pitch. But by the time the equinox of September rolls around, Cris is looking forward to what’s to come. “Fall is Cris’ favorite season, and Christmas is his favorite holiday,” says one of the adults who cares about him most. So when the leaves and the temperatures start falling, Cris turns to some of his other favorite things to do such as playing with remote control cars, building things with Legos, playing video games and going to the movies. He likes ice skating and holiday activities. He also says he loves interacting with animals, and his favorite critters are cats and dogs. Cris’ favorite food is from McDonald’s, his favorite colors are gold, red and black and his favorite subjects in school are science and gym. “Cris reports that he likes ‘going out places’ and hopes that his adoptive family would be open to this, including going to movies and parks,” says one of Cris’ close adults. “He would also like a family who enjoys video games.” Most of all, Cris says he wants to “feel their love and support.”

According to one of his close adults, “Cris is outgoing, shows creativity, and he has a drive to do things he is passionate about. He has a good sense of humor and a strong imagination. Cris is funny, friendly, caring, independent, social and very self-advocating. He has matured a lot and is very fun to be around.”

A family must be willing to adopt Cris and Carlos together. Their new family must be fierce advocates for the services that will help the boys thrive. Their new parent or parents need to be patient, understanding, experienced and trauma informed. The family must be able to provide a structured home with a regular routine. The boys would do best as the only or youngest children in the family.

For more information about or to meet Carlos (C010650) & Cris (C010649), please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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