Grant Me Hope has been donated a limited supply of Beautyrest Luxury Adjustable bed frames (mattress is not included). These frames are valued by Beautyrest at $2,149. Grant Me Hope is selling them for $800 each.

The Beautyrest® Black Luxury™ Adjustable Base provides elegant comfort and premium features so you can get the most from your sleep setup.

Description: Enjoy the ultimate comfort of Beautyrest® Black Luxury™ Adjustable Base, with premium features such as dual massage, head tilt, Zero-G® preset, and smart home connectivity. Adjust the head and foot of your mattress to find your perfect position with the easy-to-use wireless remote and get the luxurious sleep you deserve. 

Reminder: the mattress is not included. Pictured (right or above) is what you’re purchasing.
  • Wireless Remote: Fully functional wireless remote for easy operation.
  • USB Charging Ports: USB outlets allow for charging of your favorite devices.
  • Zero-G®: The zero gravity preset mimics weightless support to keep the spine neutral.
  • Dual Massage: Whisper-quiet massage setting to help you drift to sleep.
  • Custom Adjustability Head and foot-up adjustability, head tilt, and four preset positions. 
  • Smart Home Connectivity Pair and control the base with your preferred smart home device. 

Frame Height: 8” 

Dimensions: The Beautyrest® Black Luxury™ Adjustable Base is designed to fit the same dimensions as your mattress.

Compatibility: Compatible with all Beautyrest mattresses. (Grant Me Hope has been assured this frame is compatible with any standard queen size mattress).

ACT NOW! We have a limited supply of these luxury adjustable bed frames available. To buy yours, please contact a Grant Me Hope representative to make an appointment for pick up from the Teddy’s Transport Warehouse. You will need your own way to transport the bed frame. 

TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT: Call or email Founder Helen Zeerip: 616-836-7949 or helen@grantmehope.org; or our administrative staff at 269-620-1017 or info@grantmehope.org. 

The preferred method of payment is cash. The cost is $800 – this is nonnegotiable.
Checks accepted by previous donors only or must clear prior to the pick up appointment. We apologize, but we cannot run the risk of a check not clearing. Thank you so much for understanding.
Credit cards accepted but will include a 4% processing fee totaling $832. 

An appointment and payment is required for pick up of the bed frame. 

REMINDER: This sale is for the adjustable bed frame only – mattress is not included. 

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