Aaron loves collecting Pokémon cards and discussing the different characteristics of each Pokémon character with anybody who is willing to learn and listen to him. If there was a Pokémon tournament, Aaron would win for sure. He also enjoys vehicles, specifically monster trucks, motorcycles and fast cars such as Ferraris. He mentioned going to a car show once and that he really enjoyed looking at all the “cool” cars. One day Aaron wishes to own a motorcycle, a Ferrari or both. Aaron envies how fast these vehicles can go and describes himself as super-fast. He’s super playful and super active as well. Aaron enjoys swimming, riding bikes and playing basketball. Aaron hopes to join a basketball, football or soccer team in the near future. In quieter times, Aaron likes building with Legos and listening to music. Aaron reported that his favorite song currently is “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars, and he likes listening to country music. He also likes watching scary movies, including “It,” “Transformers” and others.

Aaron is remarkable with numbers. It’s amazing how fast he can spit out the numbers by doing the math in his head. Perhaps Aaron’s most important number is one, as in becoming a part of a singular family focused on supporting and encouraging him.

A one- or two-parent forever family would best suit Aaron. His new parent or parents should be experienced and trauma trained, and they must be strong advocates for the services Aaron needs to function at his best. Understanding and patient parents would be key to helping Aaron. Finally, it would be ideal if Aaron was the youngest or only child in his new family.

For more information about Aaron (C010170) or to meet him, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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