If a laugh or a smile is your thing, then Devin, who goes by DJ, will make you grin. This martial arts lover hones his body by studying karate. When he’s not doing flips and kicks, DJ enjoys telling tall tales, which are quite compelling. DJ is game for just about anything such as football and soccer. Because he likes exploring and swimming, DJ will enjoy any adventure on land or sea. When asked about a future career, DJ says he wants fame and fortune by becoming a YouTube star. For now, DJ loves skateboarding and dreams of teleporting, perhaps to a restaurant that serves his favorite food, tacos. Or, he’ll teleport to an aviary, where DJ can study his beloved feathered friends – birds. One of DJ’s favorite pastimes is naptime, and when he awakes he’d love to go skate. In short, DJ can’t wait to be a good match for a forever family who’ll enjoy spending time with him.

DJ is a wonderful teen who describes himself as an easygoing boy and who takes pride in who he is. “DJ is ready to live with a family,” says a person familiar with him. Even though he looks forward to a future forever family, DJ stays grounded in the present by taking school seriously and studying history, his favorite subject.

According to a person who knows DJ well, “A potential adoptive family should be easygoing and flexible, but able to maintain a consistent set of expectations and schedule.” He would do well with many types of forever families as long as they give him space and time to process his feelings. “They should be willing to not push him, but rather talk things out with him,” says a person who knows DJ well. That way, he’ll give you great times that will turn your frowns into smiles.

For more information about Devin (C09905) or to meet him, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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