You could call Renee gutsy and courageous, but you’d need to add talented. Why? Just ask one of her close adults: “Renee sings very well. She participates in school choir, which she reports being difficult at times, but she loves the challenge.” Renee can appreciate another challenge as well especially if it involves a certain sport. “She enjoys watching hockey games and would love to try ice skating as she has not yet had the opportunity,” her adult acquaintance says. Renee accepts yet another challenge. She’s an avid reader who loves The Selection book series. Renee also has a passion for movies and enjoys “Rush Hour” and “Turning Red” as well as the Twilight movies. “She also enjoys watching the Disney Channel and all Disney movies,” says her close adult. In addition to singing, Renee enjoys dancing and says that she’s good at it. She enjoys playing games with other children and going to the park. Renee’s future plans include going to college, earning a degree and pursuing a career helping children. Of course, Renee wants her future to include a forever family who’s supportive of her.

According to one of the adults close to her, “Renee is a creative, friendly and talkative teenager. Renee describes herself as funny and quirky. At school, she is doing well academically in her classes.”

Renee would do best with two parents who are experienced and trauma informed. Her forever family needs to be patient and understanding as Renee adapts to her new home. Renee would benefit from being the oldest youth in the home. “Renee loves animals,” adds one of her close adults. “She would benefit from an adoptive family who has pets.”

For more information about or to meet Renee (C010389), please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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