Maybe Jeremiah isn’t longing for an Uno tournament as much as a family, but he loves the card game just the same. Playing it is one of Jeremiah’s favorite activities. Afterwards, he might turn his attention to playing his favorite video game. In the summer, he’d go swimming then enjoy good times with his friends. Later at the dining table, he’d savor a supper with chicken as the main course. After tucking into bed, Jeremiah might doze off and dream about his other favorite activities such as playing basketball, dodgeball and kickball, and in his dreams, he’d hit the winning shot, out-dodge his competitors and launch a home run by just using his foot. Of all the activities he enjoys, basketball is Jeremiah’s favorite thing to do. “He is athletic with basketball,” says one of Jeremiah’s close adults. Even though he prefers basketball, Jeremiah might dream of sitting ringside at a WWE event because he loves watching the professional wrestling matches on his tablet. In short, Jeremiah would make a perfect partner for a forever family who dreams of having an active and amazing young man in their home.

One of the adults close to him calls Jeremiah an outgoing and caring young man who’s task-oriented. “Jeremiah is a bubbly, energetic and kind young man who’s respectful of others. Jeremiah will make you laugh! He loves joking around with others.”

Jeremiah does well with other children and would benefit from having siblings in his new forever family. His new parent or parents should be available to give Jeremiah the attention he needs to function at his best. He benefits from guidance and redirection at times. His new family must be fierce advocates for the services Jeremiah requires. A family with pets would be a big plus because Jeremiah loves animals.

For more information about Jeremiah (C010267) or to meet him, please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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