We couldn’t put into words Daniel’s tremendous traits any better than one of his close adults: “Daniel is an adorable child to be around! He has the world’s biggest smiles, and he loves people dearly. Daniel can warm up your heart with just his smile. He is excited about the world and getting to learn new experiences! He approaches new things with curiosity.” Daniel is an active child with fascinating interests and talents. “Daniel loves all kinds of music!” says a close adult. “He can sing you ‘This Little Light of Mine’ and ‘What A Wonderful World.’ Daniel truly is an amazing singer, and he wishes to be on ‘America’s Got Talent.’” Another talent is his athleticism. “Daniel has won many awards for soccer, and he is very competitive,” says a close adult. He loves playing soccer after school as well as running, going for walks and going to the park. Daniel loves spending time outdoors and having barbecues with family and friends. He enjoys going to movies, going on road trips and eating all kinds of food, but his favorites are cakes, pizza and pork and beans. His favorite color is blue, his favorite animals are horses and his favorite subjects in school are art and gym. In the future, Daniel hopes to become a firefighter, to travel the world and “to work on being a better person each day.” He’d like to travel to Africa and Japan to experience their customs and festivals. Of course, Daniel hopes for a forever family so they can sing, dance, play games and go to church together.

Daniel takes the most pride in “being a good person,” and the mort important things he wants people to know about him are that “I love God, and I love to sing!!” Adds one of his close adults, “Daniel is a very sweet, kind and loving child who has the willpower to forgive and give people second chances. He is persistent in reaching his desires and goals. He is strong-willed and has an excellent memory. Daniel loves to please others and is overall a happy, pleasant child to be around!”

Daniel would do well with a parent or parents who are patient, caring, understanding and experienced. His new family must make sure Daniel receives the support services he needs. Daniel can do well with other children regardless of age. “Daniel does extremely well with pets in the home,” says a close adult. “He has experience with being around dogs.” Finally, his family must be open to letting Daniel maintain his relationship with his brother.

For more information about Daniel (C010553) or to meet him, please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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