Resale Store

Aging out of foster care is a national problem, but to consider taking our mission national, Grant me Hope needs more money! As such, the GMH board and staff have begun the process of opening a resale store to support this mission. The Grant Me Hope team hopes the store’s success will be three-fold:

  1. The store will help fund the production of videos in other states. This is necessary in order to expand!
  2. It will be a clothes closet for area foster families hosting children who need clothes, shoes and other items for those children to feel at home.
  3. The store will provide work experience for homeless, aged out foster children who may need it.

A feasibility study has been done showing the Hudsonville area to be the best location to ensure success, as it is currently under-served by resale stores and steadily growing. The Grant Me Hope board and staff have considered a couple locations but have not settled on one.

In the meantime, staff learned opening a thrift store means the necessity of having enough items in stock to draw customers. As such, Founder Helen Zeerip has designated a trailer from her trucking company for supporters to drop off their gently used items.

“We’ll take it off your hands right now!” Zeerip said. “We know people don’t want to hang on to things when they’re ready to donate. Teddy’s Transport is willing to store them.”

Whether clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, furniture or any kind of household item or decoration, Grant Me Hope will take it. Please drop your donation at 930 Interchange Dr. Holland. Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The feasibility study showed that typically a resale store will break even it’s first year. The expectation is that within five years the resale store will help Grant Me Hope branch out into other states and provide for the production of foster children videos there.

“It’s hard for Grant Me Hope to fundraise and garner support in other states,” Zeerip explained, adding that with minimal staff, it is difficult for GMH to travel. The store will help to make sure that foster children in other states can be introduced through videos to prospective parents as well. “It’s a national problem and we need to be operating on a national level!”


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