Hanako, as Naliyha prefers, puts an extra “extra” in extracurriculars. They participate in a lot of them including volleyball, soccer, track, drama, art, music, literature, story writing and technology. Hanako’s many interests extend to the weekends where they like to draw, read, play video games, do homework, listen to music or podcasts, browse the Internet, bake and “contemplate life choices.” After school is when Hanako chills by napping then reading or studying. On their list of favorite things, Hanako includes black for color and sushi, bread, Asian cuisine and shiny red grapes for food, but they don’t have a favorite animal. “I like them all,” Hanako says. Spending time with friends ranks high on Hanako’s favorite activities. They like talking, watching movies and discussing artists with friends. Their favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas, which Hanako likes celebrating by “making jack-o-melons, dressing up and sharing scary stories and playing in the snow.” Some of the things Hanako wants others to know about them include, “I’m an introvert; I like animals; horror is my favorite genre; I like anime; I like to sleep; I talk to myself.” On their wish list, Hanako wants to visit Japan or France because “they have many cultural things I’d like to see and learn.” Hanako also wants to become a best-selling author or an artist, and they wish to have a family to watch movies together and make smores as well as have their own room that’s “not too big, not too small.”

“Hanako is a kind-hearted, outgoing youth,” says one of their close adults. “They are able to build social relationships with peers and adults. They are reported to have an infectious personality which causes peers to gravitate towards them.”

“Hanako desires to be in a home with a loving and devoted family,” says a close adult. Hanako would do well with a parent or parents who are experienced and trauma informed. Their new forever family needs to make sure Hanako gets any support services to flourish. Hanako would do best as the only child so they get the attention and supervision they require.

For more information about or to meet Naliyha (C010423), please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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