It isn’t necessity that’s the mother of invention; it’s Myah. This creative and imaginative young lady finds many outlets for her talent. Myah likes singing, has learned how to play guitar and piano and enjoys writing her own songs. “Myah uses her music as a way to express her emotions,” says one of her close adults. In addition to songs, Myah likes to write poems. She also enjoys painting. Myah’s creativity spreads into her interest in fashion – which she loves – and her enjoyment of doing her own hair and makeup. “She also loves to play basketball and watch TV shows like ‘Once Upon a Time,’” says one of her close adults. Myah loves to read, especially books that teach her about history. Her favorite foods include spaghetti, lasagna, chicken alfredo and pizza. Because she’s artistic, Myah would do well in a forever family who encourages her creativity and who enjoys music and reading.

According to an adult close to her, “Myah is sweet, silly and loveable. She has the biggest heart and wants to make good decisions. She loves to see others around her happy and is always willing to offer a helping hand or be a listener. Myah describes herself as a kind, artistic girl with a big imagination.”

Myah would do best in a two-parent home. Her new parents should be experienced and trauma informed. Myah thrives on structure and guidance. Myah can be placed in a home with or without other children, and she prefers a forever family who has pets. Her new family needs to be open to letting Myah maintain her relationship with her younger brother.

For more information about or to meet Myah (C010366), please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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