Mariyah is an outspoken young lady who loves learning new things! Those around her say she’s intelligent and gifted — and she’s using those skills to learn her way around the kitchen and how to make delicious meals. It’s no surprise that she loves to read — her favorite genre of book is mysteries! (She enjoys trying to figure out who did it before she gets to the end.) Mariyah likes to stay active, although she has said “I won’t run unless my life depends on it!”…so her exercises are more fun in nature like dancing! She hopes that in the future she can join the cheerleading squad at school, and has been practicing her splits and dance moves. Mariyah is self-aware and independent, with a gift for making people laugh.

Mariyah would do well in either a one-parent with support or a two-parent household. She’s looking for a lot of love and attention so being an only child would be ideal for her. A violence-free home with plenty of patience and understanding is required. She will need a slow transition into a forever home, with parents who are willing to work with and understand any initial hesitancy. Parents who are consistent and offer predictability will be able to help Mariyah feel secure in her place in the family. Families should be willing to take on any therapeutic needs she may have in the future. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

For more information about Mariyah, please visit her profile – Mariyah (Child ID 8521C).

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