Breyasia   Age: 14  

Breyasia is a funny girl who loves to laugh! She finds just about anything funny and if you can keep her laughing, you’ve got a friend for life. In school she loves gym where she can run around and be active, especially on days when they work on dance routines. She could dance all day! Breyasia is very fashionable and has big plans for her future and hopes to become a lawyer! She’s very sporty and likes to play basketball, volleyball, football, and of course wrestle (she’s very strong!).


Allyson   Age: 16  

Allyson is a kind-hearted young woman who always looks out for the people around her! She’s very loving and sweet and always makes sure to advocate for the underdog! She’s got a creative mind and likes to express herself through music, especially through playlists she carefully designs to give off just the right vibes at the right time. She has a real artistic side and enjoys working on animated characters or different artsy projects!


Carolyn   Age: 16  

Carolyn is an intelligent young lady who loves all things science! It’s definitely her favorite class and she loves getting to do all sorts of cool experiments to see how things work! She’s a big sports fan and is excited for the upcoming football season so she can cheer on her favorite team. Carolyn is a voracious reader and loves all kinds of books, but she particularly enjoys joke books — they always make her laugh! She works hard no matter what she’s doing, and with a little help organizing she always completes her goals!

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