Edward has an interesting wish list. If he had three wishes, two would go into making him a millionaire and “having my own island for friends and family to come to stay and visit,” Edward says. His third wish? “Start my own Jurassic Park – a safe one.” His wishes don’t end with wealth and dinosaurs. Edward dreams of becoming a YouTuber, a world-famous chef or a sailor in the Navy. He gets practice at the latter job by playing his favorite video game, World of Warships. In fact, Edward is extraordinary, exceptional and experienced at game-playing. He loves playing video games, board games and card games. When done playing games, Edward likely turns his attention to watching football, movies and television shows. However, he isn’t sedentary and enjoys spending time outdoors. Edward says he used to hunt and fish and misses those two pastimes. His love of the outdoors shows in his dream destinations, Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon, among “other places I’d enjoy visiting. They are beautiful places to see,” he ways. Traveling is one of the things Edward looks forward to doing with a future forever family.

“Edward is a very bright and sweet child,” says a person close to him. “Edward is a very open child who is easy to talk to in a calm and nice manner.” Edward strives to keep things on an even keel and sometimes will keep to himself. He benefits from redirection and does best with structure.

Edward will need a patient and supportive forever family who understands trauma and loss. His new parent or parents should have prior experience, and they must make sure Edward gets the services he needs to function at his best now and into adulthood. Edward has stated a preference for being the youngest child in his new forever family. He also prefers a family who has pets.

For more information about Edward (C09853) or to meet him, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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