Mikko   Age: 16  

Mikko is a funny kid who enjoys being goofy! He has a lot of energy – like most teenage boys! – and really enjoys being outside playing sports like basketball or soccer. He’s recently discovered that he likes doing ropes courses too. He adores animals, particularly dogs.

Aubrey (Trey)

Aubrey (Trey)   Age: 13  

Aubrey, who sometimes goes by Trey, loves sports…especially basketball! He’s a pretty outdoorsy kid, and likes to camp, fish and swim too.

Aubrey enjoys school, particularly language arts – he’s got a great teacher who motivates him to do his best. He works hard and tries to make sure he’s making everyone proud!


Lavachi   Age: 11  

Lavachi is just as comfortable playing sports as he is reading books and learning all kinds of cool stuff! He’s very competitive and likes to play baseball or do track and field events; he’s pretty excited about joining some teams at school soon!


Dillion   Age: 11  

Dillion is just a happy-go-lucky guy! This active boy can be very sweet and loving, and for fun, likes playing video games and shooting hoops! But he’s not content to just stand around, Dillion likes to ride his bike, too! BBQ is his favorite food, and he likes to pair a good meal with red Kool-Aid. If he sees a cool car going down the street, Dillion wants to talk about it! He’s all about hot rods and racecars.


Sean   Age: 16   

Mr. Sean will keep you moving! You can tell this guy is full of life and very curious. His eyes light up when you say you have snacks: he has a big appetite, and really enjoys candy and chips! You might catch him smile, you might not, although he will when he wants to! While he can be a little shy, if he really likes you, he’ll show you affection by resting his head against you.


Travis   Age: 16  

Travis is a fun, sweet boy with a big sense of humor! He has a great imagination and loves playing and making up his own games to try out with friends. If you want to talk about superheroes, Travis could chat about that all day long. Travis likes to work with his hands whether it’s putting things together, taking them apart, or drawing something cool! He’ll keep his room tidy and organized, just how he likes it.

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