Forget Superman, Batman and Spider-Man. Ashton is a Mega Man man, er, boy. He wants others to know that he loves Mega Man more than playing tag or chasing butterflies in the backyard. The Mega Man video game is one of his favorites, along with Dig Dug, Tretis and Super Smash Bros. He wants to travel to Okasha, Japan, not only because that’s where the original Mega Man was made but also because, “It’s nice!” Ashton wishes he “could have a life-sized Mega Man plush,” along with a personalized plush. In addition to all things Mega Man, Ashton likes drawing, coloring and listening to Japanese music. He also likes coding – it’s his favorite subject in school – and eating mac ’n cheese and pizza. Ashton’s career aspirations shouldn’t come as a Mega-surprise. He wants to be a video game creator. Ashton likes celebrating holidays in a Mega-nificent way, opening presents, going on egg hunts and dressing up for trick or treating. He’d also enjoy spending time with his new forever family watching movies and playing video games.

“Ashton can be shy and slow to warm to new people, but is very silly and playful once he trusts you. He also is perceptive, intelligent, playful and goofy,” says one of the adults close to him. “Ashton is very knowledgeable about his special interests and is willing to share everything he knows with you! He is funny and smart with a great sense of humor.”

Ashton would do best with two parents or one parent who has a strong support network. He would do best as the only or youngest child in his new forever family. His new parent or parents should be patient, experienced and trauma-trained. They also will need to make sure Ashton gets the services that will help him excel. He should be allowed to maintain contact with his older sister.

For more information about Ashton (C09870) or to meet him, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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