Siblings – South Carolina

Aden and Jamieon

Aden & Jamieon     Age: 11 & 8   

Jameion loves Roblox and football. His favorite subject in school is math because he likes calculating numbers. His favorite thing to do is watch movies and eat pizza. Aden likes to play race car games and participate in outdoor activities. When he grows up he wants to be a race car driver. Jameion and Aden want their forever family to know that they want to be a part of a family that loves to travel.

Dylan, Devan, and Benjamin

Dylan, Devan, & Benjamin      Age: 17, 15 & 11   

Benjamin, Devan and Dylan love being brothers! When they get together it’s nothing but fun and games. Benjamin loves video games and describes himself as smart, funny, and nice. Devan loves music and when he is not listening to music, he is focusing on his favorite subjects which are science, wildlife, and marine science. Dylan loves electronics and when he grows up, he wants to be an actor. The one thing that all the brothers want their forever family to know is that they all want to be together in one home.

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