Girls – South Carolina


Delilah    Age: 15

Delilah likes to take pictures and sleep for fun. Once she graduates high school, she aspires to be a nurse practitioner because she wants to help kids. Her favorite movie is “Miracles from Heaven”. She does not have a favorite subject in school, but she makes good grades. Her favorite desert is Oreo flurries. She would like a family to know that she wants to go to Chicago. As well as, she has 2 younger and 4 older brothers.


Eunique    Age: 16

Eunique wants to own her own daycare when she gets older. For fun she likes to go to the beach and walk her dog. Eunique really loves pasta, soul food and seafood. Eunique described herself using three words and that is funny, talkative and caring. She would love if her new forever family would have pets!


Saphira    Age: 15

Saphira loves to play soccer, cheerlead and play volleyball. In her free time she loves to study and sleep. If she could travel anywhere in the world it would be Greece. When she grows up she wants to be a travel nurse because she likes caring for children and their families. If she had one wish she would wish that she could be adopted by a forever family. She just wants the world to know that she is a nice person.


Za’Kayla    Age: 14

Za’Kayla likes to read, do hair and sleep. She loves learning about new things and when she grows up she wants to be a social worker because she wants to help other children. Za’Kayla describes herself as kind, confident and pretty. The most amazing thing about Za’Kayla is that she is smart and intelligent and if she had any super powers it would be to change the outlook on foster parents. The one thing that Za’Kayla wants her forever family to know is that she is AMAZING!


April    Age: 15

April is a sweet, funny, and kind young lady. When you first meet April, she may be shy and quiet, but it will not take her long to warm up to you. She is also starting to think about her career. She has nursing and cosmetology in mind. April is very loyal to those she loves and wants the same respect in return. April is excited to meet her forever family!


Hailey    Age: 11

Hailey loves gymnastics and loves to jump and trampolines with friends. Hailey said that her friends describe her as nice and kind. When she grows up she wants to be a nurse so that she can help others. She really likes being around people because they make her feel happy when she is feeling sad. Hailey’s wish is that someone would love her as a regular kid and not just a foster kid.


Ja’Nyasia    Age: 11

Ja’Nyasia loves to do gymnastics, mostly flips. In her spare times she loves to watch TikTok and she loves doing TikToks as well. When she grows up she wants to make music because she loves to sing. To Ja’Nyasia a perfect home is a home with a puppy and that everyone in the home has manners.


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