Girls – Ohio


Kenayaisha     Age: 14

Kenayaisha is her real name, but she likes to be called Keke. She’s a bright girl with an infectious smile. Keke likes school. English is her favorite subject. She also loves sports – basketball, volleyball and cheerleading. She also likes to dance, has a great sense of humor and describes herself as artistic.


Brooklyn     Age: 12

Brooklyn enjoys spending time with the animals on her foster family’s farm. Brooklyn can do well academically in school and likes participating in after school clubs – she has been involved in choir, the school play, and is interested in playing sports.


Kayla     Age: 16

Kayla is described as friendly, resilient, loyal, outgoing and an engaging young lady. A great day for her is spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys drawing, writing and reading.


Emily     Age: 14

Emily is described as happy, outgoing, charming and very endearing. She enjoys arts & crafts and being active and on the go. Emily desperately wants a mom. She needs a mom who can help one-on-one with homework and understands how trauma effects a child. Emily needs to be the only or youngest child in her forever home.


Eliza     Age: 15

An athlete and good student, Eliza is an all around good kid. She is well-liked and responds encouragingly to positive adult relationships and would well in an active family.


Markia     Age: 14

Markia’s various interests include listening to music, watching movies, jumping rope and dancing She has enjoyed learning yoga and in the past several months has loved participating in gymnastics.


Sandra     Age: 13

Sandra knows what she wants to do when she grows up! It is all about fashion! She is active, artistic, creative and smart. Parents to guide her into a her future would be a great addition to her life!


Verneisha     Age: 17

Verneisha prefers fun social settings as she simply enjoys being around other people. Verneisha is smart and likes to be challenged. She hopes for a family that likes adventures and vacationing, but mostly she just wants a family to rely on.


Lavayah     Age: 14

Lavayah is a smart young lady who can be very pleasant and a joy to be around. Lavayah says she would like to be adopted by both a mom and a dad who like to take trips and play games.


Courtney     Age: 17

Art, sports, music, theme parks, bring it on, for Courtney, she’s a doer who is quiet, but enjoys her time with people. She has a desire to serve the public when she grows up — check out her dream for the future.


Antonia     Age: 13

Antonia is a girl in need of a forever family. She is very polite and mannerly, and she loves to laugh and be silly. She is outgoing, talkative and very creative with a love of crafts and making things.

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