Joshua is an outgoing and talkative 12 year old. He cares about other people, wants to help and wants to please. He is curious and likes to try new things. Joshua also likes to learn about things by taking them a part, so you need to keep an eye on him. He suffers from some delays, so he may need assistance processing his thoughts and communicating his feelings. Joshua has some hearing loss and wears hearing aids. He is on an IEP in school and is doing very well in the 5th grade. He likes to be physically active and he enjoys riding his bike, his scooter and going swimming.

The right family for Joshua should be firm and consistent with him but be nurturing, accepting and patient as well. He would do well in a two-parent home and as an only child or as the youngest child in the home. It would benefit Joshua to have a permanent family who is comfortable with him having contact with his birth family. He has two older brothers he is bonded to, and he needs to keep in contact with them.

Do you have room in your heart and home for Josh? Contact Montgomery County, Ohio, Department of Children Services at (937) 224-5437.

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For more information, please call at 937-224-KIDS(5437).

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