Siblings – Michigan

Isyse and Ivy

Isyse and Ivy    Age: 16 & 14          Waiting Since: 10-8-2020

Bliss for Isyse consists of life’s simple pleasures. She loves getting on a playset and taking to the air on the swings. Isyse enjoys blowing bubbles and playing with Play-Doh and sand. Few things give Isyse that “top-of-the-world” feeling more than singing and dancing. There’s no missing the amazing grace of Ivy. Whether she’s dancing or twilling across a carpeted or wooden floor, Ivy finds her own way to have fun. But make no mistake, she loves socializing with others, and they will enjoy doing the same with Ivy.

Omarayana & Mikel

Omarayana & Mikel    Age: 12 & 11          Waiting Since: 2-28-2020

Omarayana loves playing volleyball and GaGa ball, the variation of Dodgeball. She loves making art and doing other creative activities, which will serve her well in her interior design pursuits. Omarayana likes the color purple. Most of all, she loves spending time with her siblings. A forever family for Omaryana must be willing to adopt her sibling Mikel.

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