Girls – Michigan


Elizabeth    Age: 13          Waiting Since: 5-30-2023

Elizabeth wants others to know that she connects well with people. “Elizabeth is family-oriented,” says one of her close adults. “She hopes for a family who is kind and understanding.” Some of her favorite activities are bowling, swimming, camping and playing cornhole. She says she likes spending time with friends on the weekends and going to the rec center after school. “She would like to learn how to sew and crochet,” says one of Elizabeth’s close adults. “She also enjoys reading anime fantasy.”


Halie    Age: 16          Waiting Since: 12-14-2018

Halie likes shopping, listening to music and getting her nails done. Halie enjoys relaxing while watching her favorite Netflix programs. “Halie has expressed interest in pursuing cosmetology as a future career path,” says one of her close adults. “She is also interested in forensic science and criminal justice.” Halie wants a forever family in her future, and because she’s an animal lover, she hopes they have pets.


Katlynn    Age: 15          Waiting Since: 6-10-22

Katlynn an active young lady who loves running as well as walking. Kat – aka Katlynn – enjoys being active and playing sports such as basketball, softball, soccer and volleyball. On the weekends, she enjoys reading and watching TV. Kat likes watching movies, too. Other things that top Kat’s list are black for color, pizza for food and dogs and cats for animal. Kat says she wants to become a doctor when she gets older. She says she takes the most pride in school where she says her favorite subject is math.


Tyina    Age: 13          Waiting Since: 5-2-2019

Tyina gets a kick out of playing games such as Uno, Twister and Life. She likes riding bikes and going to carnivals. She enjoys spending time with friends by talking, going to the mall and having sleepovers. “Tyina can be very empathetic and caring,” says one of her close adults. “She is a good at listening to others, using her critical thinking skills and likes to help others. Tyina enjoys talking about her future and the types of goals she has for herself like becoming a baker as she has a passion for baking desserts.”


Renee    Age: 16          Waiting Since: 5-24-2022

In addition to singing, Renee enjoys dancing and says that she’s good at it. She enjoys playing games with other children and going to the park. Renee’s future plans include going to college, earning a degree and pursuing a career helping children. According to one of the adults close to her, “Renee is a creative, friendly and talkative teenager. Renee describes herself as funny and quirky. At school, she is doing well academically in her classes.”


Serenity    Age: 13          Waiting Since: 9-2-2016

“Serenity is kind and thoughtful, and she will go out of her way to let you know she’s thinking of you through a small gift, note or phone call,” says one of her close adults. Serenity plans to put her kind and caring nature to work in a future career as a nurse. “I want to help others,” she says. Among her favorite things to do, Serenity includes relaxing, watching TV and going shopping with her friends. She enjoys baking and doing arts and crafts and other creative activities.


AliciaMay    Age: 15          Waiting Since: 7-20-2022

Give Allie, as AliciaMay prefers, a little twang in her music and a little tang in her food, then watch the smile on her face beam ear-to-ear. She adores babies. Her favorite critters are tigers, German shepherds and horses, and if she could visit anywhere, she’d travel to Florida. Allie loves chilling by watching TV, reading a book or writing down her thoughts and memories. When she gets older, Allie wants to become a police officer.


Kaylee    Age: 14          Waiting Since: 7-8-2021

“I am kind, funny and caring, and I love laughing,” says Kaylee. “I love being around others.” Adds one of her close adults, “Kaylee has a great sense of humor that will bring a smile to your face. When upset, Kaylee loves when you can make her laugh by being silly. Kaylee has a bright outlook on her life.” Kaylee is pretty down-to-earth. She likes playing Monopoly, going to church and visiting people on the weekends. She also enjoys watching TV shows with imaginative story lines.


Emma    Age: 15          Waiting Since: 12-18-2020

Emma dreams of owning her own art studio when she gets older. If there’s anything Emma likes as much as art, it could be the music of a certain pop/rock band. She also likes watching mystery movies and reading horror and animal books. She likes all animals, but she loves owls. Emma enjoys laughing and talking. She tends to make people around her feel happy, cared for and wants to help.


Myah    Age: 14          Waiting Since: 4-4-2022

Myah likes singing, has learned how to play guitar and piano and enjoys writing her own songs. “Myah uses her music as a way to express her emotions,” says one of her close adults. In addition to songs, she likes to write poems. She also enjoys painting. Myah loves to read, especially books that teach her about history. Her favorite foods include spaghetti, lasagna, chicken alfredo and pizza. Because she’s artistic, Myah would do well in a forever family who encourages her creativity and who enjoys music and reading.


Piper    Age: 14          Waiting Since: 1-24-2022

Piper is quite a creative girl who enjoys making arts and crafts. She also likes drawing and says her favorite color is teal. In addition to being creative, Piper is active and athletic. She enjoys hiking and playing volleyball. On the weekends, Piper enjoys cooking, playing with dogs and going to church. Piper also sees a family in her future and plans to have fun with them. When she’s asked the most important thing she wants others to know about her, Piper says, “I like family time!”


Sandra    Age: 15          Waiting Since: 12-4-2018

Sandy, as Sandra prefers, is a very creative girl who loves coloring and drawing and doing arts and crafts. She says she’s good at singing and dancing and wants to become a singer, artist or fashion designer when she gets older. Her favorite activities include swimming, shopping, listening to music and getting her hair done, dressing up and spending time with friends. When she’s asked about the things she wants to do with her new family, Sandy simply says, “spend time together.”


Heather    Age: 14          Waiting Since: 2-22-2017

Heather’s list of favorite foods includes yogurt and chicken nuggets. She enjoys swimming, bowling, shopping, going for long car rides and eating at restaurants. She likes watching moves, and “Trolls” is her favorite. One of Heather’s favorite activities is playing pretend with her stuffed animals. She also enjoys coloring with chalk. Heather looks forward to spending time with her future forever family and playing together.


Journie    Age: 14          Waiting Since: 10-26-2018

Nurturing comes second nature to Journie, who longs to use those skills one day. Journie’s other favorite activities include making art, riding her bike, watching movies and pitching in around the house. She also loves reading and is great at telling stories. When she gets older, Journie wants to become a lawyer.


Sydney    Age: 11          Waiting Since: 2-11-2019

Sydney loves learning and reading. She also enjoys being active by participating in yoga, gymnastics and ballet. In addition, Sydney likes swimming and sculpting. An adult acquaintance calls Sydney a bright, intelligent and insightful young lady who’s “wise beyond her years.” Sydney describes herself as caring, loving and generous.


McKanize    Age: 15          Waiting Since: 12-08-2016

Kenzie, as she prefers to be called, loves playing games, especially with family and friends, and her favorite is Clue. She likes relaxing and watching movies after school, and she enjoys sleeping in and playing card games on the weekends. Kenzie takes pride in learning how to ride a bike. The most important things Kenzie wants others to know about her are that she’s smart and kind and always tries to stay positive.

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