Robert has a quick wit and enjoys making others laugh and smile. A person close to him calls Robert a comedic young man whose biggest passion is fire trucks. “He hopes to be a firefighter one day,” says his close acquaintance. One of Robert’s biggest joys comes from attending community festivals. Robert also enjoys riding bikes and going for walks. Robert is a really fast runner and can prove it if given a chance. Robert also is described as being a helper, which helps explain why he enjoys pitching in to help clean up toys. When he’s ready to relax, Robert enjoys watching the movie “Frozen” and Mickey Mouse. He also enjoys coloring and playing board and video games. In addition, Robert loves being photographed and videotaped. “He also enjoys doing new things and meeting new people,” says a person who knows him well. He’d love to meet a new forever family and perhaps bring laughter to his new home.Robert is an affectionate child who enjoys hugs and likes to sit next to his caregivers. Because he’s a helper, Robert enjoys doing tasks for others. In school, Robert functions at his best when he receives assistance. A person close to him says Robert has made progress at school.

Robert would do best with a stay-at-home parent or parents so he gets the supervision and one-on-one attention he requires. His parent or parents would benefit from knowledge of how to handle Robert’s specific needs. They also must be fierce advocates for the services that will help Robert reach his full potential. Finally, Robert’s new forever family must be willing to let him maintain contact with his sister.

For more information about or to meet Robert (C09402), please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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