Don’t be fooled by your first impression of Justin. He might come across as a little shy, but once this young man gets to know you, his real personality will shine. And shine he does! One of the people close to him says, “Justin has a big heart. He is funny, generous, and outgoing. He gets along with everyone.” There’s nothing he wants more than to belong. He loves to help and be included and he is very excited about the idea of finding his forever family. Justin loves to be outside playing sports, especially basketball, but he likes football as well. He also enjoys playing video games – Minecraft is a favorite — going to the movies, roller skating, and swimming. Justin likes fried chicken and the color red. He says apes are his favorite animals. When he gets older, Justin wants to become a pro basketball player. Justin takes pride in his basketball skills and wants others to know that he’s good at it. However, if the pro basketball career falters, Justin wants to be a shoemaker. If he had three wishes, Justin would want to have incredible strength like the Hulk, to be rich and to own the world’s biggest mansion with him as the only resident. Of course, Justin still wants forever family who enjoys sports – especially basketball — as much as he does.

Justin likes to be included in things and to be in a family-like setting. He is described as sweet and funny. “Justin likes to laugh and cares a lot about his siblings,” says a person close to him. In school, Justin benefits from assistance, and he says that math is his favorite subject.

A forever family for Justin must be willing to ensure he has the services necessary to succeed. They must be trauma informed. A new family should be willing to ensure Justin maintains contact with his younger siblings as they are very important to him. Justin does well with other children, so families with or without other children would be fine. Justin does hope to have a dog one day.

For more information about Justin (C09610), contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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