Once you get to know him, you’ll agree that Brendan is pretty “aww-some.” For example, this sweet and caring boy looks out for the welfare of other children. “He will share his candy with other children when he notices that they do not have any of their own,” says Brendan’s worker. When it comes to critters, Brendan likes all animals but prefers the soft, cuddly kind. “He would like to have a kitten when he is adopted,” says Brendan’s worker. “Brendan also loves horses and going horseback riding.” Brendan also enjoys playing basketball and going for walks. Additionally, he likes Pokemon and playing video games. His worker describes Brendan as reserved. “He is slow to warm but once he feels comfortable with a person, he is upbeat and energetic,” says Brendan’s worker. When he’s asked about a future forever family, Brendan isn’t reserved at all. “When talking about being adopted, he was very excited,” says Brendan’s worker. “He wants a family who will take care of him and take him places.”

“Brendan has indicated that he does not like to talk about things that makes him emotional,” says his worker. He receives services to help him manage his feelings, and he wants to improve. At school, Brendan receives support to help him function at his best.

Brendan would do best with an experienced and patient parent or parents and should be the only child in his new forever family. Brendan’s new parent parents will need to be staunch advocate for the services that he requires. Brendan needs a structured and organized environment, according to his worker. Since he loves animals, a family with pets would be Brendan’s preference.

For more information about or to meet Brendan (C09559), please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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