When the Jedi Knights need him, Asher sits on standby mode, lightsaber in hand, which happens to be his favorite toy. Yoda would be proud that this Star Wars fanatic doesn’t just try; he will “do” more often than “do not.” Asher loves riding his bike, participating in youth groups, playing video games jumping on the trampoline and riding dirt bikes. Asher enjoys Pokémon, Legos and Minecraft. From Star Wars, he’ll switch timeframes and galaxies to watch and enjoy SpongeBob. If Asher worked in restaurant under the sea, it would be called The Krusty Krab, and he’d do well as its chef. Asher loves baking and cooking and cites making broccoli with cheese, ranch dressing or plain, as one of his favorite dishes. If he could visit anywhere, Asher would travel to Texas, and when he gets older, he wants to become a mechanical engineer so he can build a hoverboard or a motorcycle, or become a chef because he enjoys cooking and can make meatballs from scratch. Asher likes listening to music and watching movies, which he dreams of doing with his future forever family. Asher wants siblings, and he loves animals – especially cats – so he hopes for a family who has pets.

“Asher is a kind kid who wants to be successful,” says a close acquaintance. “He is funny and enjoys making others laugh. He is a thoughtful child and his laugh is contagious. He is self-aware and will take accountability for his actions.”

Asher would respond well with two parents who are experienced and trauma informed. Asher especially does well with one-on-one attention and loves getting rewards. He would do best as the only child in his new forever family.

For more information about Asher (C010035) or to meet him, please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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