Boys – Michigan


Anthony   Age: 13    Waiting Since:  3-19-2018

You’ll stay entertained with Anthony around. He has a great sense of humor and loves sharing a laugh with others. Anthony loves sports, especially football and basketball. According to one of the adults close to him, “Anthony is very resilient. He is a very kind-hearted young man and is very playful and loving towards others. Anthony is very smart and does great quality work in school.” Anthony says his favorite subject in school is math.


Aiden   Age: 14    Waiting Since:  1-25-2022

Aiden likes being active and engaged. He loves building things with Legos and says “building stuff” is his favorite after-school activity. Aiden also takes an interest in baseball, football and robotics. “I’m understanding, I’m smart and I’m always smiling,” says Aiden, whose adult acquaintances share similar kind words about him. “Aiden is a very bright, outgoing teen. He is very easy to talk to and very easy to establish rapport with.


Matthew   Age: 14    Waiting Since:  6-5-2020

“Matthew LOVES Mario! He is a big gamer and loves electronics,” says one of the adults close to Matthew. His favorite video game platform for enjoying Mario is Nintendo. Matthew also loves playing with race cars. He likes hands-on activities such as making arts and crafts. Matthew is a fun-loving boy who likes joking with others. Playing games is his number one favorite activity, and a family who enjoys the same will love having Matthew in the house.


Sean   Age: 12    Waiting Since:  9-15-2020

Sean’s favorite activities including swimming, collecting rocks, playing basketball, enjoying the outdoors, tossing around a football and anything else involving sports. He enjoys building things with Legos, watching movies, listening to music and is very engaged with and does well in his music class at school. When he gets older, Sean wants to be a firefighter. This active young man says pizza and cheeseburgers are his favorite foods while cats are his favorite animal.


Kevin   Age: 16    Waiting Since:  6-17-2016

Like a lot of young boys, Kevin enjoys playing action-packed video games as well as board games. He enjoys playing basketball, football and soccer. Kevin dreams of owning his own computer. He also wants to travel to New York. “I want to see the Statue of Liberty,” he says. When he grows up, Kevin wants to become a police officer. For now, he just wants to become a member of a forever family. He says he hopes to play sports and go to sporting events with them.


Zack   Age: 14    Waiting Since:  2-11-2022

Zack wants to hit the road in the future to become a truck driver. His three favorite holidays are Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Halloween. He is very friendly, creative and enjoys spending quality time with his friends and family. Zack is very kind-hearted and wants to please. He wants to be helpful and responds strongly to positive reinforcement and praise. Zack is a sweet and funny kid who is great with younger kids and animals.


Andrew   Age: 13    Waiting Since:  3-4-2021

Andrew just loves having fun. Whether it’s building things with Legos or playing video games, his main mission revolves around amusement and play. “Andrew loves sports and is very athletic,” says one of the adults close to him. In addition to basketball and soccer, Andrew likes boxing. Once he finds his forever family, Andrew hopes they’ll watch TV together. He also hopes they have a dog.


Jeremiah   Age: 17    Waiting Since:  9-28-2021

Jeremiah loves to play Uno! Afterwards, he might turn his attention to playing his favorite video game. Other activities he enjoys are playing basketball, dodgeball and kickball with basketball being his favorite. One of the adults close to him calls Jeremiah an outgoing and caring young man who’s task-oriented. “Jeremiah is a bubbly, energetic and kind young man who’s respectful of others. Jeremiah will make you laugh! He loves joking around with others.”


Mikel   Age: 12    Waiting Since:  2-28-2020

Mikel is a wizard on the field, on the court and on the water. He loves kicking around a soccer ball and shooting hoops. But it’s football that’s his real calling. On the water, Mikel is a fishing phenom. This active young man likes many sports and hobbies, but he still takes time to enjoy quieter activities. For instance, Mikel likes playing board, card and video games, and he collects Yu-Gi-Oh cards.


Jordan  Age: 12    Waiting Since:  12-13-2019

In Jordan’s world, dreams can come true. He uses his impressive imagination while playing with toys and building things with Legos. His dream occupation is to become a police officer. Jordan loves sports, especially basketball. When he’s asked what he takes the most pride in, Jordan says earning an award at school. Jordan says his favorite subject in school is math, and his favorite colors are red and blue.


Matthew  Age: 13    Waiting Since:  3-15-2021

Matthew is a down-to-earth young man who loves playing organized sports such as football, basketball and soccer. He enjoys playing catch and basketball with his friends. On the weekends, Matthew loves listening to music and getting up early to watch TV. Matthew dreams of becoming a professional football or basketball player when he gets older. But number one on his wish list is a forever family who is active and loves the outdoors.


Aaron  Age: 12    Waiting Since:  9-29-2020

“Aaron loves playing basketball and says he enjoys participating in gym and hockey at school. He loves being outside and playing catch with a tennis ball. When he gets home from school, Aaron is likely to plop in front of the video console to play his favorite games. Then again, he might skip video games and jump at the chance to go places such as the park or somewhere with his friends. Aaron says he likes to cook and hopes for a family enjoys it as well. Most of all, he wants a forever family who’ll do fun things together such as going to the zoo and going to indoor amusement centers.”


Tyler  Age: 16    Waiting Since:  2-26-2020

“Tyler wants to become a zoologist. He loves animals and says “big, fluffy dogs” are his favorite, but truth be told, Tyler loves all critters, and if he can’t study animals for a living, Tyler wants to teach them by becoming an animal trainer. Tyler has another passion. He loves Legos and builds things with them after school, on weekends and when spending time with friends. “Tyler is a friendly and outgoing boy with a nice smile and a pleasant personality,” says a person close to him. “He has a strong sense of humor.”


Taevon  Age: 16    Waiting Since:  1-14-2016

“Destiny awaits Taevon as he pursues his dream job of becoming an architect. Taevon hones his architectural skills by drawing, which is one of the things he’s most proud of and one of his favorite activities. His other favorite activities are skateboarding, camping, riding his scooter, climbing on jungle gyms and taking care of animals. “Taevon’s strengths are that he is loving and can be very helpful,” says an adult close to him. He makes lasting friendships and builds relationships with the adults he trusts.


Robert  Age: 16    Waiting Since:  1-8-2015

“Robert is an awesome child,” says one of the people close to him. It’s hard to argue since he’s also described as well-mannered, responsible and “a pleasure to be around,” which all sound pretty awesome. Robert is an outgoing, determined, energetic and friendly child who communicates well with others and “has great common sense.” He’s active and engaged, too. “Robert loves being outside playing sports or riding his bike,” says one of his close acquaintances.


Sleven  Age: 14    Waiting Since:  5-4-2017

“Sleven has quite a sense of humor,” says one of the people who knows him well. “I am talented,” says Sleven about the most important thing he wants other to know about him. When he isn’t eliciting laughs from others, Sleven likely plays sports, which is his favorite after-school activity. He takes pride in his athleticism and loves playing basketball and football.


Tyler   Age: 13    Waiting Since:  5-16-2017

Tyler loves riding his bike, going hiking and anything else outdoors. “He loves nature and exploring,” says one of Tyler’s close adults. “He enjoys spreading his knowledge to others and taking them on adventures with him through the woods.” He enjoys playing card games, putting puzzles together, watching TV – especially cartoons and movies – and reading books. Tyler likes to spend time relaxing in the company of others.


Elijah   Age: 12    Waiting Since:  4-21-2020

As sure as Elijah is his name, basketball is his game, and he loves playing it at school, after school, on weekends and when spending time with friends. He’s a YouTube fanatic as well and enjoys catching a laugh watching animal videos. One of Elijah’s proudest claims involves cleaning his own room and following directions. When he gets older, Elijah wants to be a police officer.


Orlando   Age: 16    Waiting Since:  7-26-2019

Forget beaches, theme parks and foreign lands; if Orlando could travel anywhere, he’d go to heaven and spend time with God. Orlando is a religious young man who enjoys going to church. He takes pride in being kind to others and says if he had three wishes, he’d use one to get money for the people who care for him. Orlando’s favorite activities include playing outside, riding bikes, participating in sports, exploring nature and spending time with friends. He enjoys cartoons, jokes and funny folks.


Domanic   Age: 14    Waiting Since:  3-1-2018

Domanic is very caring of others,” says a person who knows him. “He is funny and helpful when needed.” Domanic delights in playing sports, especially basketball. He enjoys spending time outdoors and likes climbing trees and going for walks along the creek where he lives. “Going out to eat at fast food places brings him a great deal of joy.” Domanic says that doing chores is his favorite thing to do after school. On his list of favorite things, Domanic includes pizza, everything to do with lions and the colors red and black.


Aaron   Age: 11    Waiting Since:  12-17-2020

Aaron loves collecting Pokémon cards and discussing the different characteristics of each Pokémon. He also enjoys vehicles, specifically monster trucks, motorcycles and fast cars such as Ferraris. Aaron enjoys swimming, riding bikes and playing basketball. He hopes to join a basketball, football or soccer team in the near future. In quieter times, Aaron likes building with Legos and listening to music.


Ashton   Age: 13    Waiting Since:  6-12-2019

Ashton wants others to know that he loves Mega Man more than playing tag or chasing butterflies in the backyard. The Mega Man video game is one of his favorites, along with Dig Dug, Tretis and Super Smash Bros. In addition to all things Mega Man, Ashton likes drawing, coloring and listening to Japanese music. He also likes coding – it’s his favorite subject in school – and eating mac ’n cheese and pizza. Ashton wants to be a video game creator.


Tyler   Age: 11    Waiting Since:  5-17-2019

Tyler is a friendly, silly, funny and playful young man who loves Pokémon. He enjoys playing video games and board games such as Monopoly, and he likes playing outside, riding his bike and going swimming. “Tyler is a good athlete and enjoys being part of a team,” says an adult close to him. He especially likes football, baseball and basketball.


Chris   Age: 13    Waiting Since:  4-29-2016

Chris loves interacting with the ones he enjoys the most. “Chris thrives on being busy and having a routine,” adds one of the adults close to him. His teachers call Chris a “very smart and quick learner,” and his worker says Chris is very energetic, fun and bubbly.


Joshua   Age: 11    Waiting Since:  06-04-2018

Joshua is sweet, playful and a kind young lad who is eager to learn all about the new people in his life. He loves being outdoors and takes advantage of any opportunity to play outside. He loves playing with toy cars and trucks and building things with Legos.


Taivion   Age: 15    Waiting Since:  07-16-2013

Taivion wants to become a professional athlete. He gets plenty of practice at his career goal and enjoys playing football and basketball, especially with friends. On the weekends, Tavion likes going fishing. Taivion’s favorite foods are steak, homemade mac ’n cheese, banana pudding and chocolate ice cream, and his favorite animals are cheetahs “because they are fast,” he says. Taivion is quick to make a positive impression on others.


Justin   Age: 12    Waiting Since:  02-19-2019

Justin wants to keep the peace and help others by becoming a police officer. But first, he’s got a lot of boyhood to live, and Justin intends to make the most of it. His favorite activities include swimming, bike riding and playing tag with friends. Justin also likes roller skating and playing laser tag and card and board games.


Oscar   Age: 9    Waiting Since: 7-13-2017

This energetic and athletic young boy loves sports, playing outside and going swimming and to the park. Oscar likes riding bikes and jumping on a trampoline. He’s an adventuresome young lad who enjoys going to the zoo and to the beach. In the winter, Oscar likes going sledding. On his list of favorite things, Oscar includes the color red and chicken and macaroni.


Jackson   Age: 10    Waiting Since: 2-27-2018

For Jackson, life is more fun because Spiderman is in it! Whether watching his favorite super hero fight crime, or having his action figures do it, Spiderman is Jackson’s fave! He hopes for a mom more than anything and he also hopes for the love of a cat and a dog!


Emmanuel   Age: 14    Waiting Since: 5-22-2017

Emmanuel is a sweet and imaginative boy. He likes to read, watch movies and TV and play video games to fuel his imagination. He needs a forever home that thrives on routine.


Cody      Age: 15        Waiting Since: 4-21-2016

Cody’s favorite things to do include swimming, playing with Legos, playing football, flying his drone and going to trampoline parks. If you ask him what he’s most proud of, Cody says that he’s fast and strong.


Jayden      Age: 11       Waiting Since: 10-20-2017

Jayden loves the outdoors, especially when he finds some bugs to play with. Jayden also loves coloring, drawing pictures and reading. He loves animals so much that he dreams of having some when he finds his future forever family.


Israel        Age: 17         Waiting Since: 8-5-2015

Israel is an outdoorsy kid who enjoys a good game of basketball or soccer. He has active imagination and his favorite animals are those you might find on an African safari. If he could wish for anything, one of his wishes would be for a family with brothers.

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