Siblings – Mississippi

Ja’Vone, Ja’Quone, & Caprice’Ana        

Ja’vone considers himself a nice and caring person. He enjoys playing video games, but also likes to stay active playing sports. He especially likes basketball. Ja’quone says his best trait is that he gets along well with others and has good friends. He enjoys playing basketball and staying active. Caprice’Ana is a friendly and out-going girl who knows her own mind. She loves to sing and dance. She likes school and her favorite subject is math. She describes herself as sweet and kind.

Emerald & Kai        

Emerald is a sweet and strong-willed girl. She describes herself as funny and caring. She has not thought too much about what she wants to be when she grows up, but for now she enjoys drawing and coloring. Kai is a sweet and sensitive girl who gets along well with others. She describes herself as fun and friendly. Kai does well in school and likes sports, especially basketball.

Lavski & Frederick        

Lavski wants to be a football player when he grows up. In the meantime, he enjoys playing basketball and football with his friends just for the fun of it. He describes himself as athletic but also just a “special person who likes to have fun.” Frederick describes himself as funny and athletic. He enjoys building things and staying active. He especially likes playing football and would one day like to be a pro football player. He and his younger brother, Lavski, are looking for a loving forever home together.

Ja’vone, Ja’quone & Caprice’Ana         Age: 15, 15, 14

These twins and their younger sister hope to be adopted together. Caprice’Ana opts not speak in the video, but that’s OK, her brothers were capable of doing the talking for all of them! They enjoy playing ball together but really, they just want to be together!

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