Lavski and Frederick


Lavski & Frederick

Lavski wants to be a football player when he grows up – and, if he could choose the team he would play for, it would most definitely be the New England Patriots, his favorite franchise. In the meantime, he enjoys playing basketball and football with his friends just for the fun of it.

He describes himself as athletic but also just a “special person who likes to have fun.” His favorite dinner? Spaghetti with lots of sauce and pasta. Lavski says his favorite animals are the black panther, because of its stealth and strength, and a hawk because of its ability to fly and soar at great heights.

When he dreams of his forever family, Lavski envisions a family “with a big house” with room for children and one that would adopt both him and his brother together.

Frederick describes himself as funny and athletic. He enjoys building things and staying active. He especially likes playing football and would one day like to be a pro football player. If he could travel anywhere, he would like to go to Memphis, TN because he drove through once but did not get to visit any of the sites. He and his younger brother, Lavski, are looking for a loving forever home together.

Lavski & Frederick are brothers in foster care in the state of Mississippi who hope for adoption together. If you are interested in meeting them, please contact the Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services at (601) 359-4368.


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