Kelly describes herself as kind, modest, intelligent, and pretty with long hair. One of her favorite pastimes enjoys listening to music, riding bikes, and coloring. She would like to learn to do hair and nails better. She enjoys spending time with family, shopping, and getting her nails done. Her favorite food is Chinese. Her favorite animal is a bulldog because they are very protective.

When she grows up, she would like to be a foster parent or a social worker because she feels that she has a lot of experience being in foster care and would like to help people. If she could go anywhere globally, it would be Las Vegas because she vacationed there with her last foster parents, and it was fun. Kelly would like a respectful and kind family with children around her age. She thinks her life would be good with a family that cares.

Kelly is a foster child in the state of Mississippi who hopes for adoption. For more information, please contact the Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services at (601) 359-4368.

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