Girls – Mississippi


Aryana      Age: 14  

Aryana describes herself as kind, loving, smart, and goofy. She likes to play basketball and to sing and dance. Her favorite animal is a dog because they are playful.


Alexus      Age: 15  

Alexus is an outgoing and friendly teen. She enjoys shopping, reading comic books, doing her nails, and putting on makeup. She admires people with a positive attitude and strives to remain positive.


Raven      Age: 17  

Raven describes herself as social and easy to get along with, but she also likes time to herself. She enjoys dancing, swimming, and horseback riding.


Kariah      Age: 15  

Kariah describes herself as funny, caring, and sensitive. She loves to do hair, talk to friends, and play basketball.


Ericka      Age: 16  

Ericka describes herself as caring, loving, and smart. She strives for her actions towards others to demonstrate that she cares for them. She enjoys doing hair and make-up and takes pride in helping others to look their best.


LaKaira      Age: 10  

LaKaira likes to laugh and joke around and says she is kind of funny. She likes spending time with her friends and enjoys cooking. La’kaira is an animal lover and would one day like to become a veterinarian.


Mya      Age: 15  

Mya describes herself as bubbly and unpredictable. She enjoys baking cakes and pies, playing basketball, writing song lyrics, and gardening. She enjoys being around children. She hopes for an active family.


Kashmere      Age: 15  

Kashmere describes herself as fun and outgoing. She is a good listener and friend. Playing volleyball and listening to music are two favorite pastimes.


Aayalliah      Age: 13  

Aayalliah describes herself as pretty, smart, funny, and talkative. One of her favorite pastimes is coloring. She loves dogs because they are playful and sweet.


Dianna      Age: 10  

Dianna describes herself as outgoing and playful. She enjoys drawing, coloring, singing, and dancing. She likes to write songs, but wishes she were better at it.



Kaylee      Age: 13  

Kaylee describes herself as a laid back, funny and good kid who likes MMA and swimming. She also enjoys spending time on her tablet. Adoption means a happy home to Kaylee.


Lyric      Age: 12  

Described as creative and witty, things that make Lyric smile include coloring and drawing, riding her bike and donuts! Her hopes are simple, a family who understands her.


Sara      Age: 14  

Sara has a wide variety of interests-swimming, drawing, baking, and shopping-but she is particularly interested in photography. Sara would like a family who stays active and enjoys traveling and spending time together.


Haley      Age: 15  

Haley knows that as a foster child, she is missing out on the stability and love of her forever family. She enjoys singing, drawing, cooking or baking and learning science and history.

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