Kristal   Age: 9  

Kristal has been described as bubbly and outgoing – and she certainly is! She’s always got a shining smile for those she cares about, and it will definitely brighten your day! Caring and kind, Kristal has no trouble making friends, and she is determined to make sure that everyone around her is taken care of.


Mariyah   Age: 13  

Mariyah is an outspoken young lady who loves learning new things! Those around her say she’s intelligent and gifted — and she’s using those skills to learn her way around the kitchen and how to make delicious meals. It’s no surprise that she loves to read — her favorite genre of book is mysteries! Mariyah is self-aware and independent, with a gift for making people laugh.


Destiney   Age: 13  

Destiney is an enthusiastic girl who is in gymnastics, and is proud to report that she can do the splits. But where she really likes to be is in the swimming pool, and if her adoptive family has one, she is ready to jump in! What others like best about Destiney is how she is helpful, funny, and friendly. She is naturally creative, and quite athletic, and is willing to try all sorts of new activities.

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