Oliver   Age: 14  

Self-described “cool jokester” Oliver is an active, athletic teen who delights in making his friends and family laugh. When they’re happy, he’s happy! Basketball and football are two of his favorite sports, but he’s also a pretty good skater and bowler!


Jacob   Age: 13  

Jacob is an outdoorsman who loves to play sports! Fishing, camping, swimming, canoeing, boating, climbing trees — he does it all! He adores animals, especially farm animals, and can’t wait to see them outdoors or on a visit to the local zoo. When it comes to sports, basketball and football are his favorites and he’s excited to join the school’s team!


Caleb   Age: 13  

Caleb is a fun and friendly boy who’s never met a stranger! He greets everyone he sees with an enthusiastic “Hey buddy!” He loves moving around whether it’s playing basketball, going for a swim, or just walking up and down some stairs.


Seth   Age: 15  

First thing you notice when you meet Seth are his warmth and happiness. He makes friends easily! Everything makes him happy: just ask! For fun, Seth likes to lounge around and play some video games, do puzzles, and watch his favorite TV shows: SpongeBob and The Mandalorian. However, if you’re up for it, Seth would rather go for a bike ride, or shoot some hoops.


Sean   Age: 15  

Mr. Sean will keep you moving! You can tell this guy is full of life and very curious. His eyes light up when you say you have snacks: he has a big appetite, and really enjoys candy and chips! You might catch him smile, you might not, although he will when he wants to! While he can be a little shy, if he really likes you, he’ll show you affection by resting his head against you.


Travis   Age: 14  

Travis is a fun, sweet boy with a big sense of humor! He has a great imagination and loves playing and making up his own games to try out with friends. If you want to talk about superheroes, Travis could chat about that all day long. Travis likes to work with his hands whether it’s putting things together, taking them apart, or drawing something cool! He’ll keep his room tidy and organized, just how he likes it.


Peyton   Age: 16  

Peyton is an independent young guy who knows who he is! One of the things he’s most proud of, in fact, is “being me.” He loves the outdoors and a perfect weekend is getting to go out in the woods and stay a couple nights out in the wilderness to enjoy nature! He especially loves when he gets to spend that time hunting or fishing; he’s great at both!

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