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If you find Justice in his room on weekends, it’s not unusual. Finding him snoozing there? Now that’s unusual. Justice loves spending time on the weekends relaxing in his room, but he doesn’t like to sleep in. This helpful, caring and friendly young man likes the outdoors as well and lists playing outside among his favorite activities. He especially enjoys playing baseball and catch with his friends. When the dinner bell rings, Justice comes running and says there are “no foods I don’t like” but adds that burgers and pizza are his favorites. One of the things that gives Justice the most pride is helping others. “Justice is very kind and caring,” says one of his workers. “He is willing to help (anyone). He is a joy to talk to.” Another worker adds, “He very much enjoys helping others and is reported to be a good ‘big brother’ figure to some of the younger boys at his placement.” The worker also describes Justice as pleasant, kind-hearted, approachable and cooperative. Some of things Justice wants to do most with his forever family include watching movies and playing games together.

Justice can exhibit some difficult behavior. However, he does receive services to help him process his past and develop coping skills to manage his emotions. At school, Justice generally behaves well but needs encouragement to ask for assistance. He says math is his favorite subject.

Justice has stated a preference for a mother and father. He would do best with experienced parents in a home in which he’s the only child in the family. His parents will need to be patient and able to set appropriate boundaries while providing constant supervision. Justice also thrives on consistency and structure. In addition, his family must be willing to make sure Justice receives the services that will benefit his success now and into adulthood.

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