VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: My name is Leah (Saliayah), I am 14 years old and I’m here with my two sisters and my brother. We might look like a big group but we’re actually not and we actually love the people that we get to know. We’re looking to get adopted into a great family that will love us and stuff and take care of us.

Olivia is 10 years old. She likes dancing, singing, all types of stuff. She said that she wants to be a doctor when gets older. Keidriunna is 7, she’s fixing to be 8, and she likes to dance ad stuff. Amarius is 4, he talks about (in the car) racing and going very fast and stuff.

I like to sing and dance and when I get older I would like to either be in the Army, be a lawyer, do peoples’ hair, and be in the CIA or the FBI. Because I like solving things and problems and stuff. What family means to me is that we can actually spend time, go places together, like be with each other, and do all kinds of exciting things together like have fun and enjoy the moment. It will feel really good to get adopted by a good family that will treat us right and love us for who we are. And we are lot of fun too.

If you are interested in meeting these siblings, please contact the Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services at (601) 359-4368.

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