Tatina & Marcedes



Tatina loves to riding her bike and singing! She is a good student who gets along well with her classmates. Her favorite food is pizza, and she likes hamming it up in front of the mirror, talking on the phone and listening to music. Tatina is high energy and likes to keep active. She enjoys visiting with her younger sister.

Marcedes likes to have full attention on her. She loves to dance, play with her dolls and jump on the trampoline at her foster home. She loves being outside, and Marcedes is a child who needs lots of structure. She also loves visiting with her older sister. Marcedes likes school and receives academic support in school. She likes to be praised for her efforts for her school work.

For more information, contact the Montgomery County Jobs and Family Services at 937-224-5437 or visit mcohio.org.


GMH child info

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