Paris & Portia

Paris & Portia

Yes, they are twins. Although their look is not identical, their needs are the same. The twins desire to make new memories together with their forever family. They are active and fun-loving children with charisma and hearts
full of hopes. The girls love sports, dance and listening to music. These twins are uniquely talented and are looking forward to sharing their love with their forever family.

Paris would describe herself as active and very curious. She has participated in track, cheer and dance and likes art. She likes to cook and would love to help make meals. Paris is looking for a family who would support her creativity and desire to try and learn new things.

Music, sports, and even acting are some of Portia’s favorite pass times. Singing and dancing are what make her happy! Because of her love for being around people, she has recently joined the school’s dance team. Portia is a strong reader and does well at school.

Although the twins have individual interests, they interact well with one another. They would do best in a patient and loving family who understands grief and loss and will remain dedicated to them. Their family will be open to having the girls to continue a sibling and family relationship with their extended relatives. Paris and Portia require minimal supervision but do well when given guidance and positive structure. They wish for a family who stays busy, is committed to them and will provide them with a loving, stable environment.

For more information, contact the Montgomery County Children Services at 937-224-5437.

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