Logan & Chad



Eight-year-old Logan loves to play with Legos, or anything he can build with, cars and action figures. He enjoys being outside and looking for bugs. He especially enjoys catching them. He tends to enjoy activities he can do by himself. His favorite outing a trip to the movies. His favorite movies are Trolls, How to Train Your Dragon and Star Wars. He’s tried playing soccer and has even taken a gymnastics class. His favorite place is Kings Island where he can ride the roller coasters — though he is looking forward to being tall enough to ride the coasters that go upside down.

Chad is 9 and likes the same toys his brother does. He’ll impress you with his reading skills. He also enjoys puzzles and memory games. While his brother likes bugs, Chad can’t stand them! When outside, he’d prefer to be splashing in the water! He too enjoys a good movie, but his favorites are Secret Life of Pets and Trolls. He’s also tried soccer and gymnastics and enjoys the coasters at King’s Island; his favorite is The Beast! Chad is described as affectionate.

The boys want to be adopted together. They need structure, support, patience and a consistent routine.

For more information, contact the Clermont County Jobs and Family Services at 513-732-7608 or visit clermontforkids.org.


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