Elijah, Javier (J.J.) & Anthony



The boys all enjoy parks, being outside and playing tag. They like board games, but need a family that can help them learn to play games without arguing over who wins!

Anthony is kind and engaging. He loves to talk and will talk constantly. He enjoys going places, family activities and, of course, Pokemon and Power Rangers. He’s a different child since he got his glasses. Prior to getting them, Anthony was described as stand-offish and sad. Now he is very willing to meet and play with others. He sings and laughs all the time. Anthony will follow whatever his brothers are doing.

Javier likes to be called J.J. He can be kind and helpful. He enjoys playing the role of big brother. He likes doing flips and tumbling and really likes to help in the garden. J.J. can struggle sometimes, but responds very well to structure.

Elijah is quiet and reserved. He likes to watch and analyze what is going on. Elijah loves to watch movies and football. He enjoys remote control cars and trucks, superheroes and animals. He wants to be a veterinarian.

For more information, contact the Hamilton County Jobs and Family Services at 937-224-5437 or visit hckids.org.


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