Christopher & Maleaka


Christopher & Maleaka

Christopher is a bright, active teen. The most remarkable first impression of Chris is how polite he is in addressing adults by saying Ma’am or Sir. However, he is easy to talk to and likes to engage others in interesting discussions. He loves to build things and is very curious about how things work. He loves to sing and enjoys listening to music. He enjoys animals as well, whether in a farm setting or as pets. Christopher is in an education program that helps him to stay focused and improve his behavior. He would like to focus on learning the skills he needs for life. Christopher wants to find a job so he can earn money and demonstrate responsibility.

Maleaka loves crafts and creating things. She is active and inquisitive and enjoys playing outside, riding her bike and walking. She likes school and is very good at math. She has become more outgoing and socially involved with her peers and has taken an interest in fashion and makeup. Maleaka has been exposed to various opportunities such as playing the piano, tennis lessons and swimming. Currently she is interested in playing basketball and running track.

These siblings need a loving, supportive family that will provide unconditional love and a structured, nurturing environment. Chris and Maleaka are close to each other, and would benefit from a family that will allow them to continue their relationship. Christopher and Maleaka would like to be adopted together.

For more information, contact the Montgomery County Children’s Services at 937-224-5437 or visit mcohio.org.


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