Bedile & De’Von


Bedile & De’Von

The best way to describe Bedile and De’Von is inseparable. These boys enjoy doing just about everything together, and never want to be seperated again. They care deeply for each other and for those around them. Both boys are quite energetic. They love to do just about anything active. Whether they are playing sports, running around like crazy, wrestling with one another, or getting messy outside they always have smiles on their faces When it’s time to wind down at the end of the night, after an active day, it’s quite typical to find the boys playing board games or using their electronics.

Academically, both boys need a little help, and will need a family who is willing to continue to advocate for those supports throughout their lifetime. They have a routine of getting their homework done, and do help around the house. Bedile and De’Von have additional siblings that they visit with on a regular basis. Any family they are with would need to be committed in maintaining these relationships as they are incredibly important to both of the boys. The love, care, and concern that these boys have for their siblings is unconditional and something to be admired.

For more information, contact the Cuyahogo County Children’s Services at 330-802-2675 or 216-881-4124.


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