Siblings – Ohio

Portia & Paris         Age: 15

These twins may not be identical but they certainly share a desire to be sisters in a new family. They share quite a bond.

CHRISTIAN, ALEXANDER & ALEXIS         Age: 8, 7 & 3

Hamilton County, Ohio, is urgently looking for one home where these three cuties can grow up together! Shy and quiet, these kiddos simply want to stay together.

JEREMIAH & GENESIS         Age: 15 & 11

Jeremiah and Genesis have a tight bond despite being in separate foster homes. They are both academically and athletically inclined. They hope to be reunited forever with a new adoptive family.

CHRISTOPHER & MALEAKA         Age: 16 & 12

Christopher and Maleaka are both athletic, good students and polite. They enjoy being active outside, though you’ll see from the video that Maleaka has one thing she doesn’t like about the outdoors. The siblings hope to stay together in a forever family that loves them.

TATIANA & MARCEDES         Age: 10 & 8
These sisters will make you laugh! Their sweetness and affection for each other shows when they spend time together. They hope to be adopted together.

LOGAN & CHAD         Age: 9 & 8
These brothers have a lot in common. They enjoy going out to see a movie, Legos, cars and action figures. They but they differences too, particularly how they spend time outdoors. They hope for a forever family that includes them both.

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