Siblings – Ohio

Hezekiah & Jeremiah   Age: 9

Hezekiah chose to be photographed and taped by himself, as his older brother Jeremiah did not want his picture taken or video shown. GMH definitely respects that. But we also want to make sure those who meet Hezekiah know he sincerely hopes to be adopted with his older brother.

Bedile & De’Von         Age: 12 & 14

The best way to describe Bedile and De’Von is inseparable. These boys enjoy doing just about everything together, and never want to be seperated again. They care deeply for each other and for those around them.

Dominic & Deon         Age: 13 & 14

Brothers Dominic and Deon admit they used to play fight when they were younger. Friendly competition is still a favorite between these active boys!

Portia & Paris         Age: 15

These twins may not be identical but they certainly share a desire to be sisters in a new family. They share quite a bond.

TATIANA & MARCEDES         Age: 10 & 8
These sisters will make you laugh! Their sweetness and affection for each other shows when they spend time together. They hope to be adopted together.

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